How Much Do You Value Your Gold?

Buy or sell gold in Faribault, MN

You’ve decided to take a trip down memory lane, and along the way, you found a gold mine. Amongst photo albums, ticket stubs and undeveloped rolls of film, you found a string of pearls that belongs to your grandmother, an old brooch your mother gave you, and a gold necklace from a relationship past. Ron’s Pawn Shop in Faribault, MN can take your old jewelry and gold items off your hands. Trade in that jewelry you always forget about for much-needed cash! We also have an inventory of valuable items if you want to replace a some of your vintage gold with something you’d like even more.

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3 reasons to sell your gold:

1. Broken jewelry – you could never get that necklace repaired and now it’s just collecting dust
2. You don’t want it anymore – a past significant other gave it to you and you want to get rid of it
3. You need the money – you may need quick cash for a down payment or an emergency

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